A Few Ways To Preserve Valuable Water


Now we are facing scarcity of rain and water a lot. If things go like this, very soon all our wells and ponds will dry up and we may not get water even to quench our thirsts. So, the best solution is to start enough precautions today itself, for a better tomorrow. Are you using water wisely? How much water do you waste everyday, knowingly or without your notice? Rain harvesting programs, recycling and purifying sea water are the best solutions.


130 countries around the world including South Africa and Arab Emigrates have already started programs to purify salt content sea water for drinking purposes. These countries purify water equivalent to 6 billion gallons everyday. In addition to this, many countries have established factories to filtrate impure water so that they can be used for useful purposes. This water is used for irrigation and industrial purposes.


There are some practical measures to protect and conserve water and water resources. Rain water harvesting programs and building rain piths, ponds and small streams are the best among those solutions to conserve water for summer. Also, if we care a little we can save a lot of water that we waste in kitchen and bathrooms.


Now let me provide a few simple tips to save water. They are so easy.


  1. Instead of using water directly from taps, use buckets to collect water and use them.
  2. While bathing, shaving and brushing, assure that you are not wasting water. If you take a little care while brushing, you can save 25 gallons of water every month for sure.
  3. Water consumption of toilets flushes can be reduced to save water. Modern flush tanks are now available that consume only less water.
  4. Instead of washing utensils one by one holding beneath the tap, collect water in a big container. Then wash your dishes one by one. A lot of water is lost in kitchen this way!
  5. Arrange awareness programs in schools and villages so that people and kids understand the value of water and threats we are facing now.
  6. You can do rain harvesting program at your home and can also make available of purified water for irrigation and agricultural purposes.
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save water now, otherwise you won't get it to drink in future

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