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Water of earth undergoes a cyclic process. Oceans, streams, rivers and ice bergs store water temporally. Water from these sources and wet lands get evaporated and reaches atmosphere in the form of water vapours. Through respiration, decays and transpiration too, water reaches atmosphere. It gets converted to clouds and rains as water reaching earth’s surface again. Rain water is the purest form of water.


If we think about famine and scarcity of water first thing that comes to our mind is dry paddy fields with patches similar to our palm prints. Scarcity of water can lead to several social problems including hot summer, death of plants, cattle and man, scarcity of food, inflation, threat to wild life and marine life, unemployment and many more. It leads to dehydration of human beings, diseases and deposition of poisonous substances in humans, animals and plants, attacks of pests etc.


60-65% of male body and 50-60% of female body are filled with water. 92% of blood plasma is also water. Chemical reactions and functions of cell bodies can happen only in the presence of water. So, dehydration of body leads to less production of energy and makes you feel tired. For drinking, bathing, washing, preparing food and for production of power and manufacturing units, water is most essential. We can’t imagine even a single day in our life without water.


But water sources get polluted by impurities directly or indirectly. Water, not safe to drink is considered as impure water. Nitrogen fertilizers, other fertilizers, detergents containing chemical substances, grease and fat released while processing food, chloroform, insecticides, pesticides, petroleum, beauty products etc pollute water a lot. Industrial wastes like sulphur dioxide, ammonia and metal parts of vehicles are capable of making water dirty. Pests and weeds can also destroy the purity of water.  


If such chemicals and fertilizers are removed from water, it can be re-used. For that, different processes are used. Distillation, electodialysis, reverse osmosis and direct freeze evaporation are commonly used methods.


Sea water is salty and it cannot be used for drinking purposes or irrigation. But in some countries, sea water is processed and distilled to make it available among common man. Removing salt content is known as desalination. Sea water is evaporated and cooled to convert it back to water. This process is called distillation.


Can you assume cars running in water instead of petrol? In 1980, Stanley Allan Meyer of America found that water can be converted to fuel. Water is split into oxygen and hydrogen and when they recombine, energy is released. But his sudden death caused hindrance to further progress of these experiments. If waste water from hospitals and hotels are used for this purpose, we can protect drinking water.

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