A Few Solutions To Dental Problems


Dental problems – a common headache to everyone! Though brushed twice, teeth get attacked by bacteria, bad breath, decay problems and even the strange effect of soaring and high sensitivity. Let me clear a few doubts.


Calcium is the most essential factor for tooth’s growth. Milk and milk products can give you stronger teeth. In addition to milk, meat, vegetables and whole wheat can provide you healthy teeth. It’s to be noted that in addition to calcium, magnesium and phosphorus help a lot for the development of your enamel. Very often, we give less importance to milk teeth for kids, as we assume that they will fall today or tomorrow. But it’s to be noted that milk teeth provide the basement structure for jaws and face and hence needed proper care from early times. Toothpaste is not needed for younger kids and if he has reached one, toothpaste of the size of rice grain is sufficient to clean his teeth.


Now let me tell what things are to be noted if you have tooth pain. Teeth will be highly sensitive to cold and hot if you have tooth ache. So, best remedy is to avoid both these things. After a tooth is picked out, you should place cotton for at least 45 minutes and ice packs can surely help you in case bleeding occurs. Solid and cold substances should be avoided most.


It has been noted that sourness is the first sign of dental decay. So approach your dentist before sourness proceeds to the next stage. Sourness is caused due to high sensitivity of dentine and in most cases it can be solved by dentist, if consulted earlier. Many factors can affect your teeth’s health. Bad brushing habits, grinding of teeth during sleep, not washing mouth after eating something sweet and even genetic disorders may be the reasons. Very often white patches appear on your teeth due to excess fluoride attack or nail biting habits.  


Before I conclude, let me give a few tips to diabetic patients. Tooth problems are common in diabetic patients and hence they should consult a dentist once in every 6 months for a routine checkup. If a tooth is taken out, doctor may prescribe antibiotics for you and you should never avoid them, to protect yourself from infec

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