A. H. Impex

A. H. Impex Photo
No. 11, Krishnapa Tank Street, Kondithope,
Chennai - 600 079
Chennai District, Tamil Nadu

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Supplier And Manufacturer Of Cosmetic Raw Materials, Aroma Therapy Oils, Industrial Perfumes, Carrier Oil, Natural Essential Oils, Raw Material For Ayurvedic Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Personal Care Products, Raw Material For Herbal And Ayurvedic Personal Care Products, Essential Oils Like Ginger Oils, Ajowan Oils, Turmeric Oils, Mace Oils, Spice Oils, Nutmeg Oils, Rosemary Oils, Basil Oils, Clove Oils, Coriander Oils, Cumin Oils, Lavender Oils.


ayurvedic medicines and products

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