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Visakhapatnam District Pin Codes

Visakhapatnam is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. You can find the locality of any Pin Code or the Pin Code of a locality by entering the following search fields

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Pin Code details for Localities in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh
A Koduru Pin CodeA Kothapalle Pin CodeA U Engg College Pin Code
A Veeranarayanam Pin CodeAdakula Pin CodeAddumanda Pin Code
Adduru Pin CodeAduguluputtu Pin CodeAerodrome Pin Code
Aganampudi Pin CodeAinada Pin CodeAirport Pin Code
Akkayyapalem Pin CodeAlamanda Pin CodeAmal College Pin Code
Amalapuram Pin CodeAmanam Pin CodeAmeena Sahebpeta Pin Code
Ammulapalem Pin CodeAmruthpuram. Pin CodeAnakapalle Pin Code
Anandapuram Pin CodeAnandapuram Pin CodeAnanthagiri Pin Code
Ananthavaram Pin CodeAndhra University Pin CodeAnnavaram Pin Code
Annavaram Pin CodeAnnavaram Pin CodeAntada Pin Code
Anthakapalle Pin CodeAppalrajupuram Pin CodeAradakota Pin Code
Araku Pin CodeAraku Pin CodeAraku Colony Pin Code
Arilova Pin CodeAripaka Pin CodeArjunagiri Pin Code
Arle Pin CodeArma Pin CodeAsakapalle Pin Code
Atcherla Pin CodeAtchutapuram Pin CodeAutonagar Pin Code
B G Valasa Pin CodeB H P V Pin CodeBabusala Pin Code
Bakuru Pin CodeBalacheruvu Pin CodeBalighattam Pin Code
Bandaveedhi Pin CodeBangarammapalem Pin CodeBangarampeta Pin Code
Bapiraju Kothapalli Pin CodeBasiputtu Pin CodeBaski Pin Code
Batlapudi Pin CodeBayyavaram Pin CodeBennabhupalapatnam Pin Code
Bennavaram Pin CodeBhandevpuram Pin CodeBharnikam Pin Code
Bheemaboinapalem Pin CodeBheempolu Pin CodeBheemunipatnam Pin Code
Bhimavaram Pin CodeBhogapuram Pin CodeBodapalem Pin Code
Boddapalem Pin CodeBodugullam Agraharam Pin CodeBoduvalasa Pin Code
Bondam Pin CodeBoni Pin CodeBonthilli Pin Code
Bosubeda Pin CodeBoyapalem Pin CodeBudarallu Pin Code
Burja Pin CodeBurugupalem Pin CodeButchampeta Pin Code
Butchirajupalem Pin CodeButchiyyapeta Pin CodeBylakinchangi Pin Code
Ch Laxmipuram Pin CodeChakipalle Pin CodeChammachinta Pin Code
Chandanada Pin CodeCheedigummala Pin CodeCheedikada Pin Code
Cheedipalem Pin CodeCheepurupalli Pin CodeChepaluppada Pin Code
Cherlopalem Pin CodeChettupalle Pin CodeChettupalle Pin Code
China Appannapalem Pin CodeChinadoddigallu Pin CodeChinalabudu Pin Code
Chinamadina Pin CodeChinamushidiwada Pin CodeChinanadipalli Pin Code
Chinapachila Pin CodeChinawaltair Pin CodeChinnagummuluru Pin Code
Chinnapuram Pin CodeChintagatla Pin CodeChintalaagaraharam Pin Code
Chintalapalem Pin CodeChintalapudi Pin CodeChintalaveedhi Pin Code
Chintapalli Pin CodeChippada Pin CodeChittempadu Pin Code
Chittivalasa Pin CodeChn Agraharam Pin CodeChodapalle Pin Code
Chodavaram Pin CodeChodyam. Pin CodeChompi Pin Code
Chowdupalli Pin CodeChowduvada Pin CodeChukkapalle Pin Code
D Gottivada Pin CodeD L Puram Pin CodeD.C. Buildings Pin Code
Dabagardens Pin CodeDakamarri Pin CodeDalaipalim Pin Code
Damanapalli Pin CodeDamunapalle Pin CodeDarakonda Pin Code
Darela Pin CodeDarlapudi Pin CodeDayalnagar Pin Code
Desapatrunipalem Pin CodeDevada Pin CodeDevapuram Pin Code
Devarapalli Pin CodeDevarapalli Pin CodeDharagangavaram Pin Code
Dharapalem Pin CodeDharnasagaram Pin CodeDibbapalem Pin Code
Dibbapalem Pin CodeDibbidi Pin CodeDimili Pin Code
Dokuluru Pin CodeDondapudi Pin CodeDonkada Pin Code
Dopperla Pin CodeDosuru Pin CodeDownuru Pin Code
Duddupalem Pin CodeDumbriguda Pin CodeDuppulavada Pin Code
Dupputuru Pin CodeDurganagar Pin CodeDuvvada Pin Code
Dwarakanagar Pin CodeE D Peta Pin CodeEnugutuni Pin Code
Etikoppaka Pin CodeFortward Pin CodeG J Puram Pin Code
G Madugula Pin CodeGabbada Pin CodeGadirai Pin Code
Gaduthuru Pin CodeGagaba Pin CodeGajuwaka Pin Code
Galaganda Pin CodeGalikonda Pin CodeGammili Pin Code
Gamparai Pin CodeGanaparthi Pin CodeGandhavaram Pin Code
Gandhavaram Pin CodeGandhigram Pin CodeGandhinagaram Pin Code
Gandigundam Pin CodeGangavaram Pin CodeGangavaram Pin Code
Gannela Pin CodeGarugubilli Pin CodeGattam Pin Code
Gavaravaram Pin CodeGayatri Engg College Pin CodeGeddapalem Pin Code
Ghandhi Place Pin CodeGidijala Pin CodeGiduturu Pin Code
Gitam Engg. College Pin CodeGnanapuram Pin CodeGodicherla Pin Code
Gogada Kothapalle Pin CodeGokivada Pin CodeGollalapalem Pin Code
Golugondapeta Pin CodeGompa Pin CodeGondeli Pin Code
Gondipakalau Pin CodeGondupalem Pin CodeGopalapatnam Pin Code
Gopalapatnam Pin CodeGopalapuram Pin CodeGorapalle Pin Code
Gorapudi Pin CodeGorapur Pin CodeGottupalli Pin Code
Govada Pin CodeGovindapalem Pin CodeGovt Dairy Farm Pin Code
Gowripatnam Pin CodeGuda Pin CodeGudem Pin Code
Gudilova Pin CodeGudivada Pin CodeGudivada Pin Code
Gudivada Pin CodeGullepalle Pin CodeGullepalli Pin Code
Gullipadu Pin CodeGumma Pin CodeGummadigonda Pin Code
Gundupala Pin CodeGunnempudi Pin CodeGuntagannela Pin Code
Guntapalle Pin CodeGuntaseema Pin CodeGunupudi Pin Code
Gurajapalem Pin CodeGurandarapalem Pin CodeGurrampalem Pin Code
Guttulaputtu Pin CodeH B Colony Pin CodeHaripuram Pin Code
Hukumpeta Pin CodeIdatam Pin CodeIndustrial Estate Pin Code
INS Kalinga Pin CodeIradapalle Pin CodeIragi Pin Code
IRSD Area Pin CodeIsakathota Pin CodeIslampeta Pin Code
Iti Araku Pin CodeJ P Agraharam Pin CodeJ.V.Agraharam Pin Code
Jagannadhapuram. Pin CodeJaggampeta Pin CodeJaggayyapalem Pin Code
Jaithavaram Pin CodeJalampalli Pin CodeJammadevipeta Pin Code
Janguluru Pin CodeJannavaram Pin CodeJarrela Pin Code
Jawaharlalnehru Pharmacity Pin CodeJerrala Pin CodeJilledupudi Pin Code
Jogempeta Pin CodeJolaput Pin CodeJuttada Pin Code
K Kotapadu Pin CodeK Mallampeta Pin CodeK Santhaplem Pin Code
K Yellavaram Pin CodeKailasapatnam Pin CodeKakarapadu Pin Code
Kalapaka Pin CodeKalavalapalle Pin CodeKalayanapulova Pin Code
Kaligotla Pin CodeKamayyapeta Pin CodeKancharapalem Pin Code
Kanchugummala Pin CodeKandepalli Pin CodeKandipudi Pin Code
Kandipudi Pin CodeKandivaram Pin CodeKandrum Pin Code
Kannampeta Pin CodeKannurupalem Pin CodeKantaram Pin Code
Kapuluppada Pin CodeKarimukhput Pin CodeKasimkota Pin Code
Kasipatnam Pin CodeKasipuram Pin CodeKd Peta Pin Code
KGH Pin CodeKhazeepalem Pin CodeKilagada Pin Code
Killamkota Pin CodeKimudupalle Pin CodeKinaparthi Pin Code
Kinchumanda Pin CodeKindangi Pin CodeKinthada Pin Code
Kinthalli Pin CodeKithalangi Pin CodeKitumula Pin Code
Kiverla Pin CodeKj Puram Pin CodeKodavatipudi Pin Code
Koduru Pin CodeKoduru Pin CodeKokkirapalle Pin Code
Kokkirapalle Pin CodeKollaput Pin CodeKomaruvolu Pin Code
Kommadi Pin CodeKommangi Pin CodeKommika Pin Code
Konam Pin CodeKonapuram Pin CodeKondakarla Pin Code
Kondala Agraharam Pin CodeKondiba Pin CodeKondrajupeta Pin Code
Kondupalem Pin CodeKondupalem Agraharam Pin CodeKonkasingi Pin Code
Konthalam Pin CodeKonthili Pin CodeKorada Pin Code
Korra Pin CodeKorrai Pin CodeKorukonda Pin Code
Koruprolu Pin CodeKoruvada Pin CodeKotauratla Pin Code
Kothaballuguda Pin CodeKothakota Pin CodeKothapalem Pin Code
Kothaparadesipalem Pin CodeKothapatnam Pin CodeKothapenta Pin Code
Kothuru Pin CodeKothuru Pin CodeKotnapalle Pin Code
Kovvada Pin CodeKovvuru Pin CodeKoyyuru Pin Code
Krishna Bazar(Narsipatnam) Pin CodeKrishna Puram Pin CodeKuamarapura Pin Code
Kundram Pin CodeKuntharla Pin CodeKuntsangi Pin Code
Kurupam Market Pin CodeKusarlapudi Pin CodeKusuluwada Pin Code
L B Colony Pin CodeLakkavaram Pin CodeLakkavarapukota Pin Code
Lalamkoduru Pin CodeLammasingi Pin CodeLankelapalem Pin Code
Laxmipura Pin CodeLayaganda Pin CodeLegisipalli Pin Code
LIC Building Pin CodeLingapuram Pin CodeLingarajupalem Pin Code
Lingeti Pin CodeLuthugedda Jn. Pin CodeLuvvasingi Pin Code
M B Patnam Pin CodeM Bennavaram Pin CodeM K Patnam Pin Code
M Koduru Pin CodeM Kotapadu Pin CodeM Makavaram Pin Code
M.V.P.Colony Pin CodeMadagada Pin CodeMaddi Pin Code
Madhurawada Pin CodeMadugula Pin CodeMaduthuru Pin Code
Maharanipeta Pin CodeMajjivalasa Pin CodeMakavaram Pin Code
Makavarapalem Pin CodeMalkapuram Pin CodeMallam Pin Code
Mallavaram Pin CodeMallunaidupalem Pin CodeMamidipalem Pin Code
Mamidipalem Pin CodeMampa Pin CodeManchala Pin Code
Mangavaram Pin CodeManyapuratla Pin CodeMaredupudi Pin Code
Marripalem Pin CodeMarripalem Vuda Colony Pin CodeMarrivada Pin Code
Marupaka Pin CodeMaruturu Pin CodeMattam Pin Code
Medicherla Pin CodeMedivada Pin CodeMelupaka Pin Code
Mindi Pin CodeMinimuluru Pin CodeModavalasa Pin Code
Mondigedda Pin CodeMopada Pin CodeMuddurthi Pin Code
Muliaguda Pin CodeMunagapaka Pin CodeMunchingput Pin Code
Murakada Pin CodeMuralinagar Pin CodeMushidipalli Pin Code
N A D Pin CodeNadimpalem Pin CodeNadupuru Pin Code
Nagamayyapalem Pin CodeNagarajupalem Pin CodeNagayyapeta Pin Code
Nagulapalli Pin CodeNakkapalle Pin CodeNamavaram Pin Code
Narasingabilli Pin CodeNarava Pin CodeNarsingaraopeta Pin Code
Narsipatnam Pin CodeNathavaram Pin CodeNausenabagh Pin Code
Naval Base Pin CodeNaval Dock Yard Pin CodeNerellavalasa Pin Code
New Colony Pin CodeNidanam Doddi Pin CodeNindugonda Pin Code
Ntpc Simhadri Pin CodeNunaparthi Pin CodeNurmathi Pin Code
Old K D Peta Pin CodeP & T Colony (VM) Pin CodeP Kotha Gudem Pin Code
P Kothapalle Pin CodeP P Agraharam Pin CodePaderoo Pin Code
Padmanabham Pin CodePakalapadu Pin CodePakeersahebpeta Pin Code
Pakeertekya Pin CodePallapu Anandapuram Pin CodePamulavaka Pin Code
Panasaput Pin CodePandranki Pin CodePanduru Pin Code
Papayya Santhapalem Pin CodePappusettipalem Pin CodeParavada Pin Code
Parreda Pin CodePathakota Pin CodePathamallmpeta Pin Code
Patipalle Pin CodePattam Pin CodePayakarao Bonangi Pin Code
Payakaraopeta Pin CodePeda Doddigallu Pin CodePedabaludu Pin Code
Pedabayalu Pin CodePedabidda Pin CodePedagadi Pin Code
Pedagadili Pin CodePedagantyada Pin CodePedagaruvu Pin Code
Pedagogada Pin CodePedaguda Pin CodePedagummuluru Pin Code
Pedajaggampeta Pin CodePedakodapalli Pin CodePedakota Pin Code
Pedamadaka Pin CodePedamakavaram Pin CodePedamushidivada Pin Code
Pedanandipalle Agraharam Pin CodePedapalli Pin CodePedaraba Pin Code
Pedaramabhadrapuram Pin CodePedateenarla Pin CodePedauppalam Pin Code
Pedavalasa Pin CodePedda Boddepalli Pin CodePeddipalem Pin Code
Pendurthy Pin CodePenta Pin CodePentakota Pin Code
Penugollu Pin CodePetasudipuram Pin CodePindrangi Pin Code
Pithapuram Colony Pin CodePorlupalem Pin CodePothinamallayapalem Pin Code
Potnuru Pin CodePottidorapalem Pin CodePrahladapuram Pin Code
Pudimadaka Pin CodePulaparthi Pin CodePurushothapuram Pin Code
Pydampeta Pin CodePydipala Pin CodePyrampadu Pin Code
R P Agraharam Pin CodeR R V Puram Pin CodeRachapalli Pin Code
Raivada Pin CodeRaja Koduru Pin CodeRajam Pin Code
Rajayyapeta Pin CodeRajupakalu Pin CodeRajupeta Pin Code
Rama Yogi Agraharam Pin CodeRambilli Pin CodeRampuram Pin Code
Rangaseela Pin CodeRangelisingi Pin CodeRavada Pin Code
Ravada Pin CodeRavikamatham Pin CodeRayapalem Pin Code
Rayapurajupeta Pin CodeRebaka Pin CodeRebaka Pin Code
Regupalem Pin CodeRevallu Pin CodeRevidi Pin Code
Revupolavaram Pin CodeRintada Pin CodeRolugunta Pin Code
Rongalinaidupalem Pin CodeRudakota Pin CodeRv Nagar Pin Code
S Rayavaram Pin CodeS.Ankada Pin CodeSagar Nagar Pin Code
Sagara Pin CodeSagaram Pin CodeSalagramapuram Pin Code
Salugu Pin CodeSampathipuram Pin CodeSangivalasa Pin Code
Sanivaram Pin CodeSankaram Pin CodeSanthari Pin Code
Saparla Pin CodeSarabhannapalem Pin CodeSaripalli Pin Code
Sarugudu Pin CodeSarvasiddi Pin CodeSatyavaram Pin Code
Satyavaram Pin CodeSeekari Pin CodeSeethayyapeta Pin Code
Sez Pin CodeSheelanagar Pin CodeSileru Project Pin Code
Simhachalam Pin CodeSimhachalam Hills Pin CodeSingannabanda Pin Code
Singannadorapalem Pin CodeSingarbha Pin CodeSiragam Pin Code
Sirijam Pin CodeSirlapalem Pin CodeSobhakota Pin Code
Somalingapalem Pin CodeSomavaram Pin CodeSontyam Pin Code
Sovva Pin CodeSri krishnapuram Pin CodeSrungavaram Pin Code
Subbavaram Pin CodeSujanakota Pin CodeSujata Nagar Pin Code
Sujatha Nagar Pin CodeSukuru Pin CodeSulabham Pin Code
Sunkapur Pin CodeSunkarimetta Pin CodeT R Project Pin Code
T S Nagaram Pin CodeT.V.Agraharam Pin CodeTadigiri Pin Code
Tajangi Pin CodeTallapalem Pin CodeTallavalasa Pin Code
Tamaracherla Pin CodeTangudubilli Pin CodeTanthadi Pin Code
Tarluvada Pin CodeTarluvada Pin CodeTaruva Agraharam Pin Code
Tatiparthi Pin CodeTatituru Pin CodeTattabanda Pin Code
Tekkalipalem Pin CodeTenugupudi Pin CodeThadi Pin Code
Thammingula Pin CodeThanam Pin CodeTheeda Pin Code
Thimmarajupeta Pin CodeThotada Pin CodeThotakurapalem Pin Code
Thotaluru Pin CodeThummapala Pin CodeTimmapuram Pin Code
Tokuru Pin CodeTsuchikonda Pin CodeTunglam Pin Code
Turakalapudi Pin CodeTurangalapalem Pin CodeTurners Choultry Pin Code
Turuvolu Pin CodeTutangi Pin CodeTutipala Pin Code
Tyda Pin CodeUddandapuram Pin CodeUderoo Pin Code
Ugginapalem Pin CodeUkkunagaram Pin CodeUpamaka Agraharam Pin Code
V Sarabhavaram Pin CodeV. Juttada Pin CodeVaddadi Pin Code
Vaddipa Pin CodeVadlapudi Pin CodeVadrapalem Pin Code
Vadrapalle Pin CodeVajragada Pin CodeVakapadu Pin Code
Vakapalle Pin CodeValasi Pin CodeValluru Pin Code
Vanabhangi Pin CodeVanabhasingi Pin CodeVanchula Pin Code
Vangasara Pin CodeVanthala Pin CodeVantlamamidi Pin Code
Vanugupalli Pin CodeVarada Pin CodeVarahapuram Pin Code
Vechalam Pin CodeVedullanarava Pin CodeVedullapalem Pin Code
Vedurupalle Pin CodeVeduruparthi Pin CodeVeeranarayanam Pin Code
Veeravalli Agraharam Pin CodeVemagiri Pin CodeVempadu Pin Code
Vemulapudi Pin CodeVemulavalasa Pin CodeVenkatanagaram Pin Code
Venkatapathipalem Pin CodeVenkatapuram Pin CodeVenkatapuram Pin Code
Venkatapuram Pin CodeVenkupalem Pin CodeVennalapalem Pin Code
Vepagunta Pin CodeVetazangalapalem Pin CodeVidya Bhavan Pin Code
Vijayaramarajupeta Pin CodeVisakhapatnam Pin CodeVisakhapatnam Port Pin Code
Visakhapatnam Steel Project Pin CodeVisalakshinagar Pin CodeVM Bus Station Pin Code
VM Steel Projrct Town Ship Pin CodeVommali Jagannadhapuram Pin CodeVommavaram Pin Code
Waltair Pin CodeY B Agraharam Pin CodeY G Peta Pin Code
Y S R Puram Pin CodeYangada Pin CodeYarada Pin Code
Yellamanchili Pin CodeYellapuvanipalem Pin CodeYendada Pin Code
Yerakannapalem Pin CodeYerravaram Pin CodeZeenabadu Pin Code
Zinc Smelter P Pin Code