Lost Hope By Harshit Patel With The Arrival Of A New Life Into The World

Lost hope By Harshit Patel With the arrival of a new life into the world, the innocent face doesn't know What the world is expecting from him. The child grows up in a man following same old traditions which the society want him to do. He sacrifices his life and takes the responsibility to nurture his family when he is finally independent to take on his own decision. But in this process somewhere he loses his dignity. He misses the adventure in his life and also is unable to live the moment of his  life with only those people who can't be define in any language. They are his worthy,Friends.

The "lost hope" is such a story. Where you'll see, how a preplanned adventurous seafaring becomes a nightmare for the Arsh and his pack. Who not only dreamed this adventure since their childhood but also lived every fraction of their dream. And when they finally were able to fulfill their lustrous wish, the destiny played a cruel game and they ended up in a heap. Being washed up on a uncanny island with nowhere to run wasn't enough to test their friendship. In fact the bonding grew more stronger then ever. Everyday bought a new challenge of survival on the island with threat's lurking at every footsteps. And when every door were closed on their faces. They found a new hope to live for. They got their ship 'Madrid' back. It was completely destroyed and looked a complete heap of junks. But still they tried to  live that hope and worked day and night to mend it. The life on the island was adventurous and threatening. There were time when wild animals attacked and left them stranded and filthy with bruises, and other time the weather tested there stamina and adaptability. There were times when they were left hungry for days with not a morsel for the consumption and other times Madrid gave them bad signs.But still traps were set, the technique of kindling fire with the help of Maori style and rocks were learnt. This ensured them protection as well as wiped hunger out of their mindset and enabled them to work. The ship was screwed and fixed. And finally they were able to be back in the ocean with hopes soaring high. The life on island had developed their instincts and traits. Goldy's Leadership potentials. Akash and Anki's Cooperation and Coordination. Arsh and Sahil's Efficiency and effectiveness. While Vaibhav and fatso's strategies grew more immense.Problems may come problems may go, but the strength of their friendship would stay on forever.  Cruising back into the ocean didn't help them anyway as the Ocean again tricked them and they lost their men and they took vow not to return back to civilization till they find there cherished friends back.

What is adventure for you? If a lone wolf lifts his plaintive call into the moonlight near your campsite, you might call that adventure. While you’re sweating like a horse on a climb over a 12,000 foot pass, that could be adventure. When howling head winds press your lips against your teeth, you face a mighty struggle. When your pack grows heavy on your shoulders as your climb a 14,000 foot peak, you feel the adventure. But that’s not what makes an adventure. It’s your willingness to conquer it, and to present yourself at the doorstep of nature. That creates the experience. No more greater joy can come from life than to live inside a moment of adventure. It is the uncommon wilderness experience that gives your life expectation.I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.And for me this is a pure essence of adventure. Always be prepare because everything has a time but you don't know when will that time can come. It might be after one year or it might be today itself...

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